Easter Decoration: 30 Ideas and Decorations to Make Your Home Beautiful

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Easter: what does this symbolize for you? Far beyond the holiday, rabbits, egg exchange, chocolates, Easter is a time for reflection, when families and closest friends come together to celebrate the most emblematic Christian rite in the entire Bible: the resurrection of Christ!

On a date as memorable as Christmas, the same party “protocols” must be followed, such as a special menu, appropriate decoration, typical games, details mentally passed on and passed on paper to go out as planned, gifts – yes, they are always welcome – and, most importantly: always remember (and not just on holiday) the reason for the party.

When you have a child in the family, Easter is even more enchanting, as many details are made thinking about the reaction of each one of the little ones. For this reason, follow along with 30 ideas for decorating the house and some tutorials, in the best “do it yourself” style, which guarantees a creative and economical décor. Enjoy:

How to decorate the table for Easter lunch



To assemble the Easter table, what counts is to think… with the heart. Retrieve affective memories to leave the pleasant environment and the table decoration harmonious. It’s worth betting on a color palette that matches the entire space, whether they are strong colors or candy colors, which are a charm in Easter decoration!

Choose a tablecloth with delicate designs, lace, and a neutral color. It will serve as a base for all the rest of the decoration, including even a table path on top. If your table allows it, it is still possible not to use a tablecloth, and replace it with placemats or so splats.

To set up the table, gather any accessories you have that can be used in the theme, including family dishes. Arrange them all on a surface where they are all visible, and go on assembling the decoration, so that it gives movement to the objects – that is, you don’t need to keep the decorations all lined up, they can be zigzag or arranged randomly.

1. Light colors



The use of a white towel allows you to use any color you like. Along with the gold, it creates a refined look at the table. The use of candy colors accessories make the look even more charming.

2. Lunch is outside



If you have a table in the garden, don’t think twice! Build your outdoor decor! For the look to be even more natural, use flowers and white elements, for the composition to integrate into the space.

3. Sweet treat



To make the reception even neater, mark the place of each guest. There are many options of markers available on the market, but you can also put a candy in place on the marker, it’s a charm!

4. Naked table



If your table is beautiful, add it to the decor! Not all tables need towels to be charming. Instead, use porcelain dinnerware and whim in rustic decor.

5. Charming props



If you don’t have a plain towel, choose one with a very delicate print, like this one, with flower sprigs. Intersperse white and transparent dishes with bamboo or wood accessories, as well as small details in light colors.

How to make an Easter wreath

Still not as widespread as its Christmas version, the Easter wreath has many versions and options for colors, objects and shapes. Very easy to do, it should be placed on your doorstep during Lent. See the step by step how to make this wreath, with plush bunnies:

Step 1: Define the center of the wreath of vine or dry straw and pass the satin ribbon inside it, in a way that it forms a bow, holding the wreath;

Step 2: Set aside the Easter themed ornaments. Eggs, plush carrots, bunnies and other Easter-themed props are worth it. If buying, prefer picks. As they have wooden or aluminum rods, it is easier to insert into the wreath. Arrange all the decorations on the wreath, then glue one by one with hot glue;

Step 3: The next step is to fill in the empty spaces between the ornaments. To do this, cut the artificial flowers and leaves from the stems, and glue them with hot glue to each vacant space;

Step 4: To finish, finish with the satin ribbon, forming a bow;

Step 5: Hang on the door to wish Happy Easter to your family and friends!

14 Easter decorations to make without spending a lot



Some ornaments can be purchased or made at home. Not only are they totally in your style, you’ll still save a little bit. Or, this saved amount can be invested in more chocolates!

1. Felt bunnies

One of the easiest and fastest projects, these bunnies can be used for different types of decoration: as an appliqué, an ornament for Easter baskets, glued to the lid of a pot filled with chocolate, or even as a keying, to give as a souvenir to your guests.

2. Basket in the can

A cheap idea that can be made with your children to give to teachers, or it can serve as a souvenir for cousins ​​and nephews who show up at home for Easter lunch. Cans of condensed milk can be reused, saving your pocket and helping nature? When the baskets are ready, you can hardly tell that they have recycled material underneath.

3. Bunny pot with PET bottle

PET bottle is a wildcard item for crafting. With half the bottle, the bottom, you get the pot. The top part can be used to make the lid, which must be decorated with care, with flowers and leaves in felt, wrapped around the bunny. This pot can serve as a traditional trinket holder or, of course, be filled with bonbons as a gift.

4. Oster Baum – Easter Tree

Cousin of the Christmas tree, Oster Baum is the Easter tree. Unlike the Christmas version, which represents birth, it is very colorful and with full and showy branches, the Easter option represents rebirth, which is the meaning of Easter, and uses dry branches with eggs to decorate. Eggs represent new life, so it’s all about purpose. Ideally, the tree should be mounted on Good Friday, but it’s up to you. Setting up Oster Baum can be an activity to bring the whole family together.

5. Easter Decoration for Knob

A doorknob ornament is an extra treat for your home. It can appear on every door in the house, helping to further create the Easter mood. You can make all the decorations the same, or customize, according to each room. For example: on the kitchen door, you can put a touch of white , that chef’s hat, in your child’s room, a rabbit, in your princess’ room, a bunny, and so on. As it is just a charm, it can also be used as a gift for friends and family.

6. Glass jars for Easter candy

Another idea with recycling, as these small glass jars are those with jelly, hearts of palm, olives, among others. Simple and quick idea to make: just paste the mold of the chosen design, and paint the glass with appropriate paint for this material. For the coverage to be complete and smooth, give two or three coats of paint. Then, just take off the mold, which leaves the part open and turns into a window to discover what is inside the pot, which can be jelly beans, colored candy or peanuts covered in colored chocolate.

7. Easter Favors

This tutorial is 4 in 1, a base that serves to make four different types of souvenirs: two different carrots, a bunny and a chick. Made with scrapbook paper, the animals are resistant, perfect for receiving a lot of colorful confetti, which will make the children happy. You can call on the little ones to help make or even create more pets or characters, according to their ideas and suggestions.

8. Candy holder for Easter with PET bottle

This candy holder is also cheap to make, as it is another option made with recycling and PET bottle. To make this stuffed carrot, you just need to cover the bottom of the bottle with orange EVA. Then make the top part, the leaves, which also serve to close the pot. As this is the fattest part of the bottle, the pot is chubby, so it fits quite sweet!

9. Easter basket with ice cream pot

Another idea that supports reuse, this basket is made with ice cream pots. Here, it is made with the white and square pot, very common in the sweet and iced delights, but it can also be made with pots of other shapes, such as those that are more rounded, which resemble the shape of a vase. Once decorated, fill it with your favorite chocolates and give it to someone special.

10. Carrot felt

This carrot is so simple to make, you can fill your house with them! Try making them in different sizes, and use them to decorate the table, buffet, side tables, or use as decorations on the Oster Baum or wreath. It even serves as a doorknob ornament, chair ornament, and place markers. If made in a much larger size, it can still serve as a pillow.

11. Rabbit bag

This step by step teaches you how to make a rabbit-shaped bag to present at Easter. Very cute, perfect for families with many children. Instead of spending a fortune buying an egg for each child, fill the bags with treats. The bag can also serve as a souvenir for your little one to deliver to their friends. With the same mold, it is possible to make a dog, cat, bear, etc.

12. Paper Easter basket

To make this basket, the products and techniques applied are scrapbook. But if you are not familiar with the tools, no problem, just don’t take your eyes off this video. With simple step-by-step steps, it’s a perfect activity to ask for help from the little artists and artisans in the house. Decorate with half pearl, buttons and ribbons. Oh, and perfect the contents of the basket!

13. Decorated cones for Easter

See amazing and beautiful ideas for decorating and coloring eggs. You can decorate with foliage, make designs with Easter symbols or ensure a beautiful effect with colored nail polishes! Spread the eggs in straw nests and use your creativity to make a beautiful home arrangement!

14. Easter clothesline

Charming, this clothesline has eggs, carrots and bunny faces. All with sweet faces, which give the impression of being the baby version of each item. So, it’s perfect for decorating children’s rooms, or bedroom doors, fireplace mantels and windows. Embellish with ribbons, buttons, pompoms, lace and sianinhas. You can even use it as a “string” to put on your Easter tree, making the branches more decorated.

30 Easter Decor Ideas You Can Make in Your Home

Now that you’ve seen several tutorials and are full of ideas, how about incorporating some of the suggestions below to compose your Easter decor in your home?

1. Decorated eggs



Egg shells can be made into party clothes! To do this, just cover the entire surface of the eggs with fabric (cotton, lace and thread make for a charming look) and then finish with details such as a bow, appliqués and pearls.

2. Easter Garden



The Easter garden represents the entire story of Christ’s resurrection. With this small garden, it is easier to tell and show the children the true meaning of celebration, which is not just a day to win or exchange chocolates.

3. Birdies also have a turn



An Easter decoration is not made only from rabbits! Other animals are very welcome, to make the scene more complete and diverse. Birds are always a good choice. Chickens and chicks too, after all, eggs appear…

4. Place marked



Very versatile, eggshells can appear several times in the decoration. Paint them all with the colors of the chosen palette. Then look around and discover new places and uses for them, such as arranging flowers and even as a placeholder.

5. Welcome



An extra treat for your home and for your guests to feel very welcome. The doorknob ornament is very delicate, and can appear on other doors in the house, not just the entrance. Or, you can use a garland on the main door and this ornament on the others.

6. Wish tree



Oster Baum is the paschal tree. But with so many dangling eggs, the idea can go further: draw or write your wishes for the date on each shell. For example: faith, love of Christ, fellowship, hope…

7. Egg art



To enhance the decoration, how about turning the egg into a work of art? And the idea here still leaves the object modern, in 3D. Form an egg from dry twigs (if necessary, use wire to make the desired shape). With the help of a satin ribbon, hang a shell so that it appears to be the yolk of the egg…or one egg inside another. Frame it and you will have incredible art.

8. Rustic wreath



Among the decoration options for Easter, one that yields many ideas is rustic. Make a garland with earthy colors, sisal and string. The look is kind of vintage, charming and delicate at the same time.

9. A touch of gold



Egg shells can be painted in various ways: paint and brush, dip in water with paint, spray and even enamel. Use pens to write or make smaller drawings.

10. Evening attire



Even the furniture can get into the Easter mood and gain some props. It’s a grace for the photos and everyone will notice your whim when thinking about every detail of the decoration, even the chairs.

11. Egg pots



A very charming way to use eggs is as flower pots. Wash the husks well and let small roses rest inside them. Arrange the twigs and rococo to form a nest. Arrange the egg shells in the nest and use as a centerpiece.

12. Napkin with ears



Are there fabric napkins forgotten in the back of the drawer? Now it’s time to rescue them for a table grace. Fold each one into a bunny shape – it gets a body and ears. To keep the cloth origami upright, tie a little bow.

13. Rabbit hole



With glue, string and a balloon, it is possible to create an egg that resembles the texture of a nest. Once done, cut out an opening. It will be the door of the rabbit hole. Use felt bunnies, or even chocolate ones, to own the burrows.

14. Flowers and carrots



Tulips are beautiful and delicate flowers, and that go very well with the theme. With beautiful and vivid colors, they are perfect to appear in an arrangement with carrots, since the colors of the vegetable can also be found in flowers.

15. Easter art



The cute and fluffy bunny can also appear in decorations in other ways. One idea is that, unlike the traditional being white, fluffy and chubby, it should be colorful, modern and slim. Create this image in your head, put it on paper and give your home a new decor item.

16. Party clothes



Everyone likes to get dressed up to go to a party. So, dress up your furniture too! Use covers, ornaments, blankets… Everything to make your home more beautiful and cozy, ready to receive guests!

17. Mobile for children



The little ones will love to get their hands dirty and create an ornament that will be present in the main room on the day of the party. This mobile is made of cardboard and fishing line. Very easy to make, you can vary the color of the bunnies, or add other elements to make the result even more interesting.

18. Eggs: 1001 utilities



Eggs are used to make sweet dishes, savory dishes, drinks… And their shells can also be useful in several different ways. Here, they are used as candle holders. For the base, use PET bottle caps. The use of this type of ornament can help explain the meaning of the party, saying that the light is Jesus!

19. Rabbits everywhere



Rabbits never hurt this time of year. But, they can be of different sizes and materials: on the main table, use porcelain rabbits. On the side table, plush. On top of the buffet and the sideboard, paper Mache and fabric…

20. Unleash creativity



If you’ve managed to collect a lot of eggshells and now you don’t know what to do with them, just look around and let your creativity speak louder. Among all the ways they can be used, the most delicious of them is when they are filled with confetti or chocolate mini eggs.

21. Dome



To set up the candy table or the buffet, bet on transparent glasses, in order to use the colors inside them. Fill with egg and rabbit shaped treats. Use pods or jam jars. In addition to making the decoration prettier, they can still be taken by guests as a souvenir of the day.

22. Flowers, lots of flowers



To compose the Easter table, use your most beautiful dishes, and which have the colors that match each other. Or you can bet on white pieces and just some with a touch of color. In that case, match the colors of the flowers used. Here, the arrangements received a very special vase, made with carrots! What an amazing idea!

23. Weather throughout the house



When there is a party, it seems that everyone in the house has a happy aura! So, decorate each room according to the furniture and utensils that are in common use. Even the garden and the balcony can receive a special treat.

24. Napkin holder



The affection in every detail is what makes the difference at the end of a reception. Take care in choosing each item that will make up your decoration, such as these napkin holders, which you can make yourself: wrap wooden rings (those for curtains) in white ribbon, and sew a pair of felt ears on them: a charm only!

25. Create a scenario



If you have several decorative items that can be used on the table, arrange them in a way that tells a story. Place rabbits and bears side by side, arrange chocolates in baskets and carts. If you can, add birds to the decor too.

26. Thank you for coming!



Your preserved canning jars can become a beautiful souvenir. Paint the glass on the outside, and leave the silhouette of a rabbit or an egg unpainted. Also decorate with lace, scrapbook paper, ribbons and buttons. Then apply a coat of spray varnish to protect and waterproof the work. Fill the jar with colorful sweets.

27. Different wreath



Create a floral wreath that makes a visual effect: from afar, a giant carrot. Up close, a bouquet of salmon-colored flowers. To prevent them from withering, use artificial roses and foliage.

28. Decoration with plants



The main or side table can have an extra decorative item, such as this small plant decorated with eggs.

29. Custom photography



Use themed stickers or labels to personalize the photos around the house, transforming the family’s paintings. Glue eggs, teeth, snouts and of course ears! To avoid the risk of damaging the photo, stick the stickers over the protective glass on the frame.

30. Sweet Oster Baum



The Easter tree may have yet another version. This time, a sweeter idea, completely edible. To make this tree, work on the amount of clay to have enough support at the base. Place the dry branches and hang cones filled with confetti and eggs and chocolate.

Easter is just a few days away, but there’s still time to leave your house in the party mood! Get to work!