Gamer’s Room: 40 Decorating Ideas for Gamers

December 2, 2021 0 Comments


Anyone who is passionate about games and geek culture, would definitely like to have a themed room all decorated in accordance with the gaming universe. After all, every self-respecting gamer would love to have their dream console. There are countless franchises to inspire you and create an environment full of fantasy and personality.

Generally, a fourth gamer is very colorful and full of references. There are countless inspirations for decoration: themed wallpapers and bedding, personalized pillows, collections of miniature characters, differentiated lighting, and even handcrafted methods. It is even possible to join references from several different games. In addition, the fourth gamer concept also applies to anyone who is a fan of cartoons, comics, series and movies.

Those who prefer more discreet environments can also opt for a more minimalist decoration, but without forgetting to mention their favorite games and characters. What matters is creativity and that the space is comfortable and has the owner’s face.

With so many possibilities, building a stylish fourth gamer can be a big challenge. So, check out a list of 40 references and tips below to help you create your own comfortable and stylish gaming corner:

1. Bet on frames and thumbnails


In this example, the room was decorated with paintings and miniatures. The collection of dolls from the One Piece manga, which also gained game versions, added an extra charm to the environment, perfectly defining the resident’s taste and personality. In addition, the imitation brick wallpaper gave even more character to the room.

2. Star Wars: The Geek Classic


It’s impossible to talk about geek culture and games without talking about Star Wars. This franchise carries a legion of passionate fans who never tire of using their references in everyday clothes and objects. So, why not also set up a room honoring the work of George Lucas? Here, they used miniatures and pictures of the characters, light sabers on the wall and even a lamp with the name of the film. The contrast of black and yellow colors made the environment even more modern.

3. Invest in different lighting


One of the secrets to an impactful fourth gamer is the lighting design. You can choose colored lights, including combining different colors, using black light, neon light or even digital LEDs. The choice of lighting makes all the difference to create a more immersive ambiance in the gamer’s bedroom. Ever thought about spending your time inside darker adventures and games with this photo lighting?

4. Special corner to play for two


If you have your own dynamic duo to play with, you can also set up your room thinking of your gaming partner. It costs brothers, friends, cousins, couples, etc. Here, even the dog got a special corner. Highlight also for the paintings of Batman and the Knights of the Zodiac, two classics that also gained version for games.

5. How about a custom puff?


This giant puff in the shape of the Game Boy video game made the fourth gamer more than stylish and comfortable. In addition to being super cozy, it also comes with two cup holders to quench your thirst with practicality during games. And to complement it, there’s also a joystick-shaped pillow tray with space for a popcorn bucket and cup. Great idea, isn’t it?

6. For Nintendo Wii Fans


The Nintendo Wii appeared in 2006 and gained a legion of fans, due to its new proposal of games that demand more physical movements from players. This room honored this console with bedding, pillow cover and even wallpaper. Plus, of course, the game collection on the shelf below the television.

7. Have you ever thought about sleeping in the Super Mario Bros. setting?


For those who love this classic Nintendo game, a room like this would be a dream, wouldn’t it? Adhesives are the basis of the decoration of the environment and were used both on the walls, furniture and even in the pendular lamp. The bed linen and pillows gave the final finish and ensured a look virtually identical to the game.

8. Zelda’s magic also invaded the rooms


Here, the honoree is another Nintendo classic: The Legend of Zelda. The adventure game whose protagonist is the young hero Link has also won many fans around the world. Here, we see the beautiful picture of the game, which was especially beautiful in composition with the black wall and the shelves with miniatures.

9. Different color and control designs


In addition to a rich game collection, a good gamer also likes to collect different types of controllers. That way, when you get your friends together to play, no one will be left out. Not to mention that the unique designer of each one and the different colors make the room much more stylish. Highlight for the posters of Mario and Zelda on the wall, showing that these games really marked a generation.

10. Spider-Man can’t be left out either


Famous for comics, Spider-Man has become one of the most beloved superheroes, gaining space in theaters and also in games. Today, it is possible to find several references to it in decorative objects, which makes it a great decoration theme for gamers’ room.

11. Inspiration for racing game fans


For those who are passionate about racing games like Need for Speed ​​and Gran Turismo, for example, wouldn’t it be a dream to have this table fully equipped with steering wheels? Not to mention the three screens, which increase the field of view and the feeling of immersion in the game, giving the feeling of really being part of the race.

12. The video game – literally – immersed in the decor


This example shows that when the passion for games is great, creativity has no limits! Look what a more original idea: the TV panel turned into a video game controller, which even has a wire and a decorative Nintendo console, exactly simulating the video game design. Very creative and full of personality!

13. Wallpapers give more personality to the environment


In the decoration of a gamer’s room, wallpaper is a practically indispensable item. It can be used on all walls in the room, or just on one of them. A nice idea is to use contact paper, which is not only cheap but also easy to put on and remove. Also take the opportunity to install a set of lights facing the wallpaper to give more emphasis to the design. Carpets also give a distinctive and beautiful tone.

14. Sofa bed is a practical and functional solution


Another cool idea to build a gamer’s room is to use a sofa bed instead of the bed itself. So, for the rest of the day, you can take advantage of the sofa to play games and receive friends more comfortably, leaving more space in the room. Here, the red sofa matched the Mario and Nintendo posters.

15. Neon lighting makes decor more engaging


As we’ve talked about before, the gamer’s room decoration calls for a different lighting than the conventional one, as it will help to provide a more mystical and psychedelic atmosphere that this type of environment calls for. Neon lighting is a great choice as it is not only multi-colored but also a softer light. In this example, the light sabers on the wall also helped to complement the lighting (and decor) of the room.

16. A real tribute to Nintendo


What can I say about this room, which has so many collectibles, it even looks like a store: it has miniatures, magazines, paintings, controllers, games, brooches, plush toys, pillows, phew!! A sea of ​​things! We can see that the owner is truly in love with Nintendo, as all items refer to characters from the brand’s games.

17. Choose the theme according to your favorite games


As you know, there are a variety of games that allow you to bet on many details. In this room, for example, the owner used miniature planes on the walls, which can serve as references to games of this genre. This can also be done with football games and other sports, putting balls on the wall, players shirts, etc.

18. Funko Pop dolls look beautiful in gamer room


In this example, we can see a large collection of Funko Pop dolls, which have also become a rage among admirers of geek culture. It has character dolls from movies, books, games, drawings, options for all tastes. They yield a super extensive collection, in addition to being super cute and decorative. In addition to them, we can also see a small tribute to Wonder Woman, present in several paintings on the wall.

19. A good chair is essential


The best gaming corner in the world isn’t complete if you don’t have a good chair! After all, to spend hours and hours playing, comfort and good posture are essential. The best models have larger sizes and have different adjustments for inclination, height and lumbar adjustment. There are custom templates just for this purpose. Not to mention that generally the type of design of these chairs are also super stylish and perfectly match the decor of the gamer’s room.

20. Having multiple monitors never hurts


Every gamer’s dream on PC is a setup with multiple monitors with simultaneous images of the games, after all the use of more than one monitor can completely change the gaming experience. The most common configuration is with three monitors horizontally, but they can also be used vertically. If your budget is low, you can configure your TV to use it as another monitor, which also works super well!

21. The choice of equipment is also very important


The ideal equipment makes all the difference in the performance of your favorite games. However, in addition to the quality of the devices, it is also necessary to ensure that the composition of the setup is harmonic. It’s worth drawing inspiration from design to decorate and bring new concepts to the room. It is also important that your desktop and all its accessories are practical and functional access for you.

22. A sky of stars


In this example, the room’s ambiance was all worked through the lighting. The project included the use of a purple light, flashing lights on one of the walls and even glow-in-the-dark stars installed on the ceiling . Not to mention the super big TV, which guarantees a lot more emotion for the games. A more than special setting!

23. Nintendo: one of the great passions of gamers


Here’s another room inspired by Nintendo games! It’s no use, this is one of the video game brands most loved by the public, because their games marked the generation that took the beginning of the success of the consoles. In addition, one of the most beloved characters of the brand is Mario, who even got bedding here.

24. Divide the room into two rooms


If you like both computer games and video games, a good option is to divide the room into two environments. One just for the computer and the other just for the video game, which is turned on to the television. In this example, we can see this division: on one side the bench with the chair and the laptop and on the other the television with video games, facing the bed. In fact, today some video games also allow access to Netflix.

25. Keep everything well organized and sectored


A great tip for gamers rooms that have a lot of items, like this one, is to organize everything very well and divide the categories well, so that each thing has its place marked. This makes it easier to put in place after use. And don’t forget that you’ll always need to clean, so it’s important to focus on practicality when tidying up.

26. Choose the right furniture


The choice of furniture is important as it is the main layout of the room. You can even temporarily use tables, chairs and traditional furniture, but the ideal is to design the room from the beginning with the typical furniture and accessories so that it looks like a gamer space. In this example, the table is simple but a good size – note that the measurements are sufficient to fit all the equipment used. The project got even better and made a beautiful composition with the niches on the wall, perfect for receiving the miniatures.

27. Amazing collection of super heroes


Another theme often used in fourth gamers is super heroes. Here, we see a beautiful collection of various characters, such as Superman, Captain America, Batman and Iron Man. Another interesting detail is that the room was made as if it were a studio, even using sound insulation features.

28. Creative puffs make all the difference


Another accessory that can’t be missing in gamers’ rooms are the puffs. They are super useful for sitting and supporting your feet when playing, as well as being super stylish, especially the ones with different designs. In this example of the photo, the puff is shaped like a magic cube – the well-known Rubik’s Cube -, which also has everything to do with this universe.

29. Equipment are also decorative items


Here, we see an example of a gamer’s room that is simpler in decoration, but which, at the same time, is fully equipped for games. For those who don’t like an environment with a lot of information, but don’t do without quality equipment, this is a great solution. After all, the design of the equipment can also be customized and serve as decorative objects.

30. For all tastes


In this super eclectic room, we see references to various designs and games: it has Mario, Pac-Man, several super heroes, Star Wars, Pokémon and Harry Potter. To complement the game theme, it even has a mini dartboard on the wall. Special highlight also for the steering wheel control and the lights decorating the computer bench.

31. Comfort and style must be combined in the decoration


For lovers of online games, such as Minecraft, League of Legends, Final Fantasy, Warcraft, among others, the tip is to bet on accessories such as joysticks, reclining chairs, multifunctional keyboards, speakers or professional headsets to integrate the decoration and enjoy the game art with comfort and style. In this example, once again, the decor paid homage to the Star Wars franchise.

32. Don’t be afraid to overexpose


This room shows that you can easily organize all your items in the room. Remember that in gamer room decoration, the excess of information is not a problem – but one of the strongest features of this type of environment. But that’s not why you’re going to let it all hang out anyway, is it? With good organization and planning, everything is exposed without ceasing to be charming.

33. A corner full of personality


This is another super original and creative room. The project’s bet was on the play of lights to give more personality to the environment. Note that the niches have also been lit to give more emphasis to the decorative items. All this without mentioning the armchair, which in addition to being super stylish and matching the colors of the lights, also seems to be very comfortable, a great choice to turn the night away playing your favorite game.

34. Back to the 1980s


The bed is one of the furniture that draws the most attention in a room, so it is essential to bet on pillows, duvets and other props that have the gamer theme. In this room, we can see a beautiful Pac-Man duvet. This famous game from the 1980s won the hearts of many people and became so famous that even today many decorative objects are manufactured in honor of it. In addition, Genius rug was also used, another super famous game in the same decade. Not to mention the magic cube-shaped puff, which also has everything to do with the composition of the environment.

35. Use and abuse niches


For card-carrying collectors, investing in planned shelves or niches, like the ones in the photo, are interesting ideas to take advantage of the space and display the collection of characters. You can either take advantage of the spaces inside the niches, as well as the upper part of them, to use as shelves. Here, all of them were very well used and decorated with miniatures, pictures, dolls and even the headset and one of the controls.

36. Nothing better than a beautiful and comfortable sofa


If you’re a game fan, but you don’t need a good movie or series either, you’ll love it! In this decor, comfort was prioritized to ensure the best experience for game days. And look how delicious this sofa! Seems to be super cute, doesn’t it? And it was decorated with a beautiful blanket with a Mario print. The pillows supported under the upholstery made everything even more stylish and cozy!

37. Frames are great decorative items


Every self-respecting gamer room needs paintings in the decor. In addition to making the environment much more stylish, it is also a way to expose your tastes without taking up too much space. Also, there are many creative images that you can download from the internet and then frame , or you can create the images yourself and frame them later.

38. A more neutral fourth gamer


It is also possible to bet on a more minimalist gamer room design and customize it discreetly, using neutral colors and only small highlights in colors and references. In this example, the love of games was portrayed only through the Pac-Man frames and the pixelated game over. So, from time to time, you can vary one item or another in the decorative composition.

39. When your love is also a gamer


There’s nothing better than sharing the same passion with those we love. So, if your better half loves games too, how about investing in decor like this? The comics naming the players are very charming and have everything to do with the theme. Besides, it’s a way to make the couple’s room full of love and personality.

40. A shelf more than authentic


Mortal Kombat game fans will fall in love with this fourth gamer’s shelf. Players in this franchise know that one of the most famous phrases in the game is the “finish him”, which happens after the fight, when the winning character has to give the opponent the final blow. This shelf has the phrase as well as the controller commands to deliver the game’s most desired finishing move, which is called “fatality”. A super creative and authentic piece!

So, are you always connected to online game servers or do you collect different video game brands? If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, congratulations, you are a regular gamer! So, what are you waiting for to transform your room? After all, for those in love with this universe, there’s nothing better than being able to create your own fantasy world, completely immerse yourself in the game and forget about your everyday worries. For that, just follow our tips and be inspired by your favorite games and characters to build the fourth gamer of your dreams!